Col-Erase: The Color Pencil That Just Works


When you think of colored pencils, your first thought probably goes to those cheaply made pencils that your parents bought you at the toy store or Wal-Mart. Those waxy, good for coloring (as a child), non-erasable, blunt, broken cylinders of color that pretend like they are fun frustrated us all at one

point or another. They would either lose their tip right after sharpening or break in the middle of a very complex part of the drawing.

These Col-Erase pencils, are not those crappy pencils from the bargain bin. These color pencils are as close as you can get to perfection.

They include an eraser, because the are actually erasable.

I am not talking about semi-erasable, I am talking about (if you don’t grind it into the paper) fully erasable. They also keep their tip, are able to be sharpened in an electric sharpener, and are not at all waxy. The colored lead acts as close to a normal graphite pencil as Prismacolor could make them.

And, because these pencils are so very well manufactured, many an industry professionals (animation, art, illustration) use it in their sketch work to rough out animations or scenes by using the Red (usually rough)/ Blue (usually cleanup) to create their drawings.


  1. Erasable
  2. Vibrant colors
  3. Stays sharp
  4. Used by industry professionals
  5. Don’t break in a pencil bag
  6. Blendable


  1. Eraser gets used up quickly
  2. Not a ton of colors
  3. Grinding color into the paper leaves ghosting when trying to erase

As you can see, I am searching for cons with these pencils. There are just so many good things to say, it’s hard to say anything negative.

So that said, if you are in the make to add some color to your line-work, then pick up some Col-Erase pencils. I suggest Red and Blue to start (between $0.22 – $0.77 each)  multi-color packs of 24 are also very affordable.

I draw with these pencils every day and love using them every time.




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