Artist Tape: The Adhesive Masking Aid That Performs As Intended


Okay, lets get real here. Your craftsmanship deserves the aid of this tape.

You assume you can keep the boarders clean on that charcoal drawing, you think you can keep a white strip of paper white by just wishing…but it never works out. You try and save that money, but all you are doing is wasting time (and money). You think “oh yeah, I have blue ‘painters’ tape somewhere, i can use just that.”


Sorry didn’t mean to yell. There have been many times that I have seen artist use painters tape and every time that person tries to remove the painters tape from their paper, it ends in sadness (because the drawing, painting, art).

Painters tape is made to stick to walls that have paint on them, thick acrylic paint. Painters tape is made to adhere in a way that sticks to the surface of paint on a wall. It is not made for paper, canvas or any other media you wish to keep intact. So, spend the money, get the 60 yard roll (180 feet or 55 meters) of tape and have it with you. wherever you go.

I think a side by side comparison of Painters Tape Vs Artist Tape is in order.

Painter’s Tape Pros

  1. Sticks very well
  2. Come off acrylic really well without sticking too heavily, as long as the tape is removed on the day or day after painting that wall
  3. Has a relatively straight edge
  4. comes in different sizes
  5. most houses have a roll laying around.

Painters Tape Cons

  1. Very Sticky, sticks too much to paper causing tears or de-lamination of the paper ply
  2. The tape is thick
  3. Not made for artists

” target=”_blank”>Artist Tape Pros

  1. Sticks the right amount for paper and canvas
  2. Comes in all sizes (and colors)
  3. Is relatively inexpensive for the size roll
  4. has a straight edge
  5. Can be removed from a drawing or painting several months after applying it to the page (any longer and a little heat is required)

” target=”_blank”>Artist Tape Cons

  1. Doesn’t come off easy when left on for several months
  2. Not very flexible

So there you have it. Artist Tape is a must have for all artists.

Here is a bonus tip: Before you place the tape on you paper, place the tape on your jeans or a material that will put a little fiber on the adhesive and then put on your paper. This will make it removable months down the line.

” target=”_blank”>Artist Tape. Totally worth every penny, and every foot.




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