The Palomino Pencils –Revisited–

The Palomino pencil comes in 3 forms.



Blackwing 502


Blackwing Pearl


There is also the Blackwing 602, but I wasn’t able to buy that.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, I have been working with all 3 pencils for a couple months now and the difference is very subtle. The best way I can describe this is:

The Blackwing is softer and smooth, so you get a darker deeper black from its lead.

The Blackwing 502 is just about a 2B pencil with a little extra smoothness to it that will allow you to get a finer line than a conventional yellow 2B pencil.

The Blackwing Pearl gives you a little bit of a lighter line comparable to about an “f” pencil, again with a smoother lead that only Palomino can provide.

I was also able to try out the Palomino sharpener. I found it to be a little flimsy to be honest. The plastic scrap holder filled up quickly and did not stay shut. The sharpener worked in two stages. The first stage cuts the long inner edge creating a long spiral tip. Once you get to a stop ad the end of the sharpener, you place it in the next hole and shave off the spiral tip to give that nice long edge. This sharpener is cheap enough to get just to have that long edge, but don’t expect anything special about its construction or casing.

If you are questioning what to get, order any one of them, they are very similar in feel and texture. Those subtle differences are nothing to worry about and i found that no matter which version i was using it was very comfortable and easy to use. If it says “Palomino” just pick it up an use it.

I hope this helps. please leave any questions in the comments.



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